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Dankwoods is a cannabis pre roll company who makes blunts using backwood cigars. The company is known to produce Dank vapes, a widely distributed THC cartridge that has popped up in both legal and illegal states. In this article, we try to learn how Dankwoods started and what they are producing now.

Dankwoods similarities with Backwoods

Different pre roll companies are riding on the popularity of the iconic Backwoods Cigar. These companies including Dankwoods change the first syllable of the cigar brand and they get instant branding. Since Backwoods Smokes is a legit company these companies want to sound that they are legit as well. They have made Backwoods their blueprint – the cigar company’s logo, hip hop artist endorsements, hot female models and events (420, concert, sports, skating) sponsorship are copied to a tee.

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