Pax Era Pods Cherry Pie

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Buy Pax Era Pods Cherry Pie Online

  • Availability:California
  • THC percentage:70%
  • Type:Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Strain:Cherry Pie


Buy Pax Era Pods Cherry Pie Online

Buy Pax Era Pods Cherry Pie Online

Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between the popular strains Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. The single-origin reserve pods have the familiar earthy scent of indica strains, combined with a sweet hint of berry on the other end. The euphoric effects come on quickly and can last a couple hours, so this is a great choice for an afternoon of creative focus, uplifted senses, and relief from mental stress.

The PAX Era system is a cannabis vaporizer pen but, more than that, it’s a game changer. The slim design allows for discreet consumption and the easy to use PAX Era pod system makes it easy to change out your strain or an empty cartridge. The PAX company makes the system and the empty pods, and then sends them to licensed partners for filling with your favorite cannabis extract blend. PAX Era pods are the new generation cannabis experience — beyond flower, they allow for precise control of your experience, and when combined with the revolutionary app, allow you to be in full control.

1 review for Pax Era Pods Cherry Pie

  1. lucky

    Very fast shipping and of good quality. Well definitely buy again

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