Pax Era Pods White Kush


Buy Pax Era Pods White Kush Online

  • Availability:California
  • THC percentage:62%
  • Type:Indica
  • Strain:White Kush, a combination of Afghan Kush and White Widow


Buy Pax Era Pods White Kush Online

Buy Pax Era Pods White Kush Online

White Kush is one of those unique strains that provides both a deep sense of euphoria (and the occasional giggles) while melting away stress and helping you fall into a deep sleep. As the child of Afghan Kush and White Widow, it has a strong herbal scent and flavor, described by Bloom Farms as “both sweet and earthy like the floor of a damp forest.” For some reason that sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

The PAX Era system is a cannabis vaporizer pen but, more than that, it’s a game changer. The slim design allows for discreet consumption and the easy to use PAX Era pod system makes it easy to change out your strain or an empty cartridge. The PAX company makes the system and the empty pods, and then sends them to licensed partners for filling with your favorite cannabis extract blend. PAX Era pods are the new generation cannabis experience — beyond flower, they allow for precise control of your experience, and when combined with the revolutionary app, allow you to be in full control.

Bloom Farms is known for creating oil concentrates with top-shelf flavor, consistency, an overall smoking experience. They’ve teamed up with PAX to offer 17 different strains of their special oil blends in PAX pods form, which are always free of additives and made with pure, clean CO2.


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